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Yes, you heard it right., the biggest source of pirated bollywood, Pakistani songs has been hacked by some Pro-Indian hacker

One of the pages ( in the child directory on the portal, when opened today, read:


BY:Mr52, Silic0n,Neo Hacker ,Inx_root, Root_Devil ,Silient_Poision ,Lucky, DODO

Pray for all the innocent victims of Mumbai attack ..
This is a small answer from All Indians.. Remember we are Together..
You can just kill innocent people .. Women & Childrens..
But There is no Future for you.. We are coming with huge speed..
Corruption will be under control.. Every Indian will have Money n Power..
Then there will be no one to Save you..
You are dirty stamp on Pure Islam.. Try to Understand & Respect it..
Just Remember We are coming
Bye ..

We do respect the intentions of the hacker, not interfering the regular business of the portal but just making his points (or may be he couldn’t reach the root folder).

Terrorism, killing hundreds of innocent people, is the most heinous crime of all time. Be it happening here or the neighboring nation or anywhere in the world. People doing it will never ever get to the heaven as they are told.

They are betraying the humanity for the wrongfulness of politicians and some obnoxious extremists.

May GOD give them positive energy to think positive.

Always with the people.