“West Bengal” to only “Bengal”

Posted In India, Video - By NitiN Kumar Jain On Saturday, August 6th, 2011 With 23 Comments

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West Bengal is a familiar name to all Indians. It’s an Indian state on eastern coast.

It was just Bengal before which was separated to two by Britishers, one West Bengal and other East which later became East Pakistan and later became Bangladesh.

Although West Bengal is in east of India, it continued to be called West Bengal.

But after 64 years of independence, people of West Bengal have started to build a unanimous decision to rename the state from “West Bengal” to just “Bengal” and thus making all terms justified like “Bangal Sweets”, “Bengal tiger”, “Bay of Bengal”, etc.

Time of India has also joined the hands and started a campaign in Kolkata which they are calling “Only Bengal”.

You may want to join the movement by registering your vote at www.onlybengal.com

See the video:

Here’s the print media campaign: