Tzinga : Too Energetic to Resist

Posted In India, Reviews - By NitiN Kumar Jain On Thursday, May 31st, 2012 With 1 Comment

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Recently, I was contacted to try out a new energy drink, okay.. send it over, I said. Name of the drink was indeed mentioned but frankly I couldn’t get it properly and the way it’s name sounded, looked to be a drink of African nature .

Soon after I received it, I wondered what kind of packaging is this, if this at all is a Energy drink. I had tried Gatorade, Red bull etc, and they have a hard packaging. Sooner I realized that may be something to look different or to capture a different market.

Actually speaking, soft (ketchup like) packaging lets Tzinga at least half the price from their competitors in the market. It’s retail price is Rs 20 for a 200-ml pack (as in the image below), which is much much less than others.

I tried all three flavors; Lemon Mint, Tropical Trip & Mango Strawberry and all looked chilled refreshing. They are really sweet unlike carbonated drinks. They should be served chilled else you might feel sour taste a bit.

Not sure if it recharges the body for 5 hours, as they claim, but this is really refreshing and much much better than carbonated drinks (Pepsi, Coke etc) and at a very competitive price. Must try.

One of their ads:

It is currently only available in NCR, Karnataka, Rajasthan, and few other states. You might want to stay in touch on their FB page, one of the most liked FB pages in India.