Why Letsbuy.com (now Flipkart) isn’t Professional??

Posted In Awareness, Reviews - By NitiN Kumar Jain On Tuesday, May 22nd, 2012 With 0 Comments

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I recently bought a speaker from letsbuy.com (now flipkart.com) and did not have a good experience with them.

First, pic that used to display the set of speakers that I was looking for was absolutely not matching with the model. But even then I purchased it, thinking they would dispatch the actual speakers with that model number and not the one in the display picture. My question to them is even when the market is so competitive why can’t they display the actual model picture when even Google is full of those images ??

Pic that they are using and the actual model pic:

Secondly, after ordering when I did not hear from them for 4 days and order showing in process, when I contacted them, they said due to some unforeseen reasons they were unable to process the order till then and they were trying hard to process the order asap. My question to them is why did they not intimate me themselves if that was the case and if not in stock why it was available for order (it seems to have been corrected now and showing out of stock now) ??

Third, when I did not hear back from them again for four days, I wrote them to cancel the order and refund my money. But they did not care to respond to my email. They might be busy in procuring the sets from somewhere at any cost. I received their reply after 2 days (overall 8 days after ordering), that the speakers have been dispatched and since the order has been processed they cannot refund my money. My question to them is why did they not respond for 2 days and refund my money before they found the speakers somewhere and dispatched ??

It has been 3 more days after that conversation and I have still not received it. I am expected to receive it tomorrow as seen from the tracking of consignment i.e. I am expecting to receive it on 15th day after I placed my order with them although it said it would be delivered in 2 to 4 days.

This might be an exception case for them but the only one for me.

Too lazy and too reactive service.

Here’s the full conversation history between them and me, please read it bottom up.