DreamHost Adds Multifactor Authentication

Posted In Webhosting - By NitiN Kumar Jain On Friday, June 8th, 2012 With 0 Comments

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In an e-world of uncertainty and insecurity, DreamHost web hosting control panel has added a new feature Multifactor Authentication, which needs to be enabled once if you wish to use it. It is disabled by default for all accounts.

This awesome new security feature is powered by Google Authenticator.

Multifactor Authentication will help to protect our DreamHost account from hackers and website hijackers while giving us an added peace-of-mind.

Think of it as a second password to login to your web panel – because that’s exactly what it is. Except, unlike your traditional password, this one changes every 30 seconds. And the only way to know what this second password is to launch Google’s Authenticator app.

Google Authenticator app is available on Android devices, iOS devices like the iPhone, BlackBerry devices, and even on Windows Phone via 3rd party apps, making this authentication more usable.

Multifactor Authentication can help combat fraud and protect our account. Requiring multiple factors for authentication makes it much harder for people to pretend to be us without our permission; not only do they need to figure out our password, they would also need to steal our virtual ID card 🙂

Accounts protected with Multifactor Authentication are much more secure than those protected with only a single password.

There is a wiki instruction to enable and setup the multifactor authentication on our DreamHost account.


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