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Growth of a company is always governed by the total employee strength of it.

Public companies do declare their quarterly results which let the world know if the company is growing or weakening. But nobody is aware what the total employee strength of a private ltd company is and how it is performing.

This information about private limited companies has also come into public domain now and you can get various information about them. For e.g. Varying employee strength in the current financial year on monthly basis and an easy inference can be drawn whether the company is on the growth path or not.

You can also view how much total PF is being deposited by the company to EPFO in a specific month thus self-calculating the average salary of employees in that company. List of employees is also available to view all present employees with oldest employee first.

Here’s how you can view all this significant info:


  • From the listed company(ies), click on the payment icon against your organization.


  • You will be presented a list which will display a lot of info about the company in the current Financial year (or last 9-10 months)
    • You can view total amount deposited to EPFO as PF.
    • You can also view total number of employees in a particular month.
    • Clicking on the No. of Employee column, you can also view the list of all employees working in the company in that particular month.
    • Employees are listed in ascending order of their PF number i.e. oldest employee first.
    • From Total PF amount and Total employees, you can also calculate the average monthly salary of employees.

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If we analyse this info for Infosys BPO, here’s the evaluation:

  • Infosys BPO grew from 16991 employees in March 2012 to 19421 employees in Dec 2012 i.e. 2430 employees rise in 9 months or 270 effective new joinees every month.
  • Rs 4 crore, 78 lacs, 27 thousand, 531 deposited as PF for 19421 employees
    • i.e. an average of  Rs 2,462 per employee or Rs 1,231 (50%) as Employee contribution.
    • Since PF is 12% of the basic salary, we can easily calculate average basic salary of a BPO employee in Infosys to Rs 10,261.
    • Considering basic to be 40% of the total monthly salary, we can say Rs 25,652 to be the average monthly salary of an employee in Infosys BPO in Dec 2012
    • Using the same calculation, average monthly salary of an employee in Infosys BPO in Mar 2012 was Rs 23,135 i.e. a hike of Rs 2,500 per month since Mar 2012 or around 10% hike.
  • Mr. Sheshadri B C is the oldest employee in Infosys BPO

Similar average monthly salary calculation for other companies comes out to be:

  • Wipro (DS/NHP/0023719/000) – Rs 13,198
  • SunGard (PU/PUN/0302957/000) – Rs 62,099
  • IBM (PY/KRP/0019214/000) – Rs 84,330
  • Google (AP/HYD/0047688/000) – Rs 1,21,128
  • Microsoft (AP/HYD/0035604/000) – Rs 2,14,551
  • Xchanging (GN/GGN/0025202/000) – Rs 43,766
  • Cognizant (PU/PUN/0121239/000) – Rs 75,083
  • Perot Systems (DS/NHP/0021842/000) – Rs 63,260
  • RBS (GN/GGN/0025468/000) – Rs 1,14,094

Awesome, reliable, trustworthy and totally legitimate info!!! Let me know if you need to understand anything.

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