A Journey From Blogger to WordPress

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I finally moved from http://nitinkumarjain.blogspot.com to http://blog.nitinkumarjain.in which is now http://nkjlive.com

Here I would like to share the procedure that I followed, difficulties that I faced and what was the root cause that I moved out of blogger to wordpress.

Basic ground is related to bloggers popularity that has influenced my organization to have it in the blocked sites list and that was preventing me to blog sometimes when I feel like blogging. I am always very keen to have my write-ups straight to blog instead of having written it somewhere else and then posting it from home and I usually don’t get time for surfing at home these days.

I was looking to have blogs on my own website for a while but how, that was the question.

One day I was searching something on Google and surprisingly I got somebody’s blog that was hosted on his own domain name and at the end of the page there was a mention of a word wordpress. This word looked fascinating, and being curious as always I went on to read about wordpress on its website and later I realized that wordpress is the answer to my question how to have a blog on my own domain.

My R&D started and I began reading articles about wordpress and its advantages/disadvantages. I was worried if I could publish Google ads on wordpress but I got to know that if the template allows you to then you can. So a search of wordpress template was also required but not so urgently but of course it was very important to have.

First thing that was to be done was to create a sub domain and believe me it took me a week to get it done though it was a minutes job. Actually the hosting system was getting upgraded and I took Manashosting in and out on why the system was upgraded without floating this information to all customers. Anyway, I was able to create a sub domain. I also created and configured the MySQL database and its user via the hosting control panel in between.

Next step was to download the wordpress project files and update its config file to point to the MySQL database that I created and then upload it to the sub domain server via FTP.

After everything was done, it was the time for the famous 5 minutes installation of wordpress. Accessed the install.php file from the browser and followed the steps as asked and that was it. My blog was ready. Yipeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee.

Next step: How should I copy all my existing blogs from blogger? Ummm. With wordpress it is not a problem. It has a feature of importing all your existing blogs to wordpress in a minute.

  1. Just login to it as the admin and go to Manage Import.

I faced an issue with it. I was getting an error:

Unable to find the socket transport “ssl” – did you forget to enable it when you configured PHP? (78)

After Googling it I realized that I would not be able to do it like that as my site needed to be on secured server for that.

So would I be able to do it, cropped in my mind. Is there any workaround to do it?

Yes, there is and it is very simple and quick too.

Workaround steps:

  1. Go to http://wordpress.com
  2. It provides blogging service on its own server. Create your login there and create a blog with any name.
  3. After login, go to Manage Import and import all your blogs from blogger.
  4. Now export all your blogs to a file on your system via Manage Export.
  5. Go back to word press admin area of your hosting, and import the blogs from the file saved in step above.
  6. Your all blogs are imported. Yipeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee

I followed the above steps and successfully imported all my blogger articles.

It was now the time for searching a theme wherein I could have Google ads in my blog. After Googling for couple of hours I finally got this Big Blue 0.1 by Bob. And this is really a cool theme. It provides a text widget wherein I can put any JavaScript, texts or links. It is good visually as well. It was perfect for me.

Only configuration of the blog was left. It was extremely easy to do and I was excited as well. I created frames, widgets as I used to have on blogger. And they are looking really good.

So is everything done?? No, not yet.

I wanted to update the links of blogger to point to my current blog and let Google know that this blog was not in use anymore.

Here’s a good link that I referred to:


I did it and some of the things worked but individual posts redirection did not work for me. After spending some time I left chasing it.

So my blog is ready to be used. WordPress is a good to have thing and it is really very easy to play around with it. I am loving it.

Write me for any problem or discussion. I have good hands on it now.

Happy blogging on your own domain blog.