Practical vs Emotional

Posted In Thoughtworks - By NitiN Kumar Jain On Saturday, August 9th, 2008 With 0 Comments

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  • “You need to be practical”
  • “You should think it practically”
  • “Today is the world wherein emotions are not more than a garbage bucket”
  • “Being emotional will not win you the race of life today”

Do you also hear these statements every now and then??

Yes, these are very generic comments by everyone around you today on your every action that involves emotion.

I agree to it to an extent but disagree too.

I believe emotions are the foundation of any kind of relationship, be it at home or at work place. You cannot sit and say “everyone has to go one day”, when somebody close to you passes away. Believe me tears will roll down automatically. So you cannot be practical all the time.

Again, you cannot be emotional always. If a tiger gets emotionally attached to a deer then what would he eat. It is a nature’s rule wherein we should become practical for the betterment of the nature. A doctor needs to be practical not because it is his living but because he needs to save life.

Being practical does not pay you back always and showing a bit of emotion everywhere at least does not ask you to pay a penny, it is completely free.

I believe everyone should neither be 100% emotional nor 100% practical but should definitely be 100% sensitive to sense the importance and display his character of being emotional or being practical depending upon the situation. It is very important for every individual to mould himself according to the circumstances. You need to be flexible a bit instead of being rigid when it is a question of people around you.

We should sensitize ourselves enough to understand and react properly. At times we think practically when we should let our emotions display and we become more emotional when we should have taken decisions for the betterment of everyone.

Emotions are very hard to build but are easily lost, by just one mistake.

Being practical is sometimes hard in the beginning but it eases life in the end.

We should actually be SENSITIVE to display both at different situations.