Precise in Culture

Posted In Thoughtworks - By NitiN Kumar Jain On Friday, August 22nd, 2008 With 2 Comments

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It is a very terrifying feeling thinking what would be the image of India after Commonwealth games are over, when thousands of foreigners would return to their mother land after spending months in the capital.

  • Which Indian tradition and culture would they carry with themselves?
  • Would they believe that India is a good host and dost?
  • Would we be able to exhibit our top layered capabilities well?
  • Would our day 2 day behaviors on the roads / buses everywhere have the negative impact on them?

We Indians (majority of us) are very emotional and hospitable when it comes to serving our guests, but would we be able to show the similar generosity to strangers who would have different color, language and traditional background?

I am sure we will be but then why is the fear?

You will also feel it if you once travel in the city roads / buses these days, especially in the evening. It is simply pathetic. Not much crowded still very noisy.

Even if you cannot travel yourself just imagine the sight.

2 drunkards, 3 females and all rest males including children in a bus. The drunkards start the nonsense talks, abusing each other like anything, you can say almost fighting verbally and on the verge of physical assault on each other. A third guy who interferes is abused. Bus stops near a PCR van, a thulla climbs up and starts abusing the drunkards, slaps one of them and leaves them in the bus only and tells the driver to move on. All of this is happening in front of ladies and children in the bus.

The drunkards are now silent but only for a while. They start the conversation again and the same thing starts happening again. This time some brave men throw them out of the bus and environment in the bus cools down a bit.

Would you imagine the brave men who tossed them out are themselves drunkards? Now they start preaching their superiority and criticizing females that only men are super human beings. Females can only watch and stay at home and cannot do anything else. You would wonder why this thing, it is because as I understand is, in India we are grown up in environments wherein it is told every now and then that males are superior to females. Females are only to stay at home and follow men which is a very unusual tradition from rest of the world where everyone is considered equal and anyone can do anything (in majority of the countries in the world). We are very far from the ideal world in this respect. We are the man dominant society even after a woman is the leading woman of the country, the president of Inida.

This is just one of the many examples wherein we are not giving a right picture of our culture and tradition to our children and to the outer world.

The reason, a woman stays at home is not because she is feared of man or she is incapable of doing things outside house but it is so because she tries to make a house a home for her husband, her parents, her children. She fills the home with her love, affection and emotions. She takes care of everything at home while the man is taking care of everything outside. It could happen vice versa as well but the warmth that is required at home is more in females than in males. But we have made up our minds that females are meant to stay at home because they cannot bear the difficulties of the outside world which is absolutely ridiculous and we are diffusing this disgraceful  thought along with many more other notions in our children and outside world which have the negative impact on them.

We are a richest in culture country in the world, but since we don’t feel it in our day 2 days life, we are not able to cultivate it in our future generations and show it to the world.

We want every individual who visits our country to take back our emotions and true sense of our culture with them which seems impossible if by chance they travel in the same bus.

Do we have to educate ourselves first before preaching our children about the Indian culture? That’s the question I am asking myself today.