A Mournful Encounter

Posted In Poetry, Thoughtworks - By NitiN Kumar Jain On Wednesday, October 22nd, 2008 With 5 Comments

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The boy was wandering on the road
Inside him carrying a lot of load
Refusing him won’t help me to hoard
Yet I denied in a silent mode…

He had a very innocent gesture
His grief was easy to capture
Still everyone gave him a lecture
He felt guilty hearing such harsh texture…

So miserable was his sight
I wonder if I was right
He has slept hungry many night(s)
I could have been a bit polite…

In fact they do not deserve our hate
They are too young to earn some wage rate
It would be my greatest trait
If somehow I can change their fate….

Contributed by Sakshi Jain.

Can you imagine whom she is talking about. Believe me I too couldn’t spot it, but when she told me I was completely flattered.

She has tried to portray her encounter with a street beggar, a kid. Now, read the above lines again.

Read her another great composition Inner voice.

I think she is potentially a thoughtful poet. My best wishes to her. She is really going to rock our society.