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This is a contest by the bloggers, for the bloggers – so every vote makes a huge difference. Please cast your vote for the best blog on Politics & Current Affairs now!

This is also a great place to read some great posts from the Indian blogosphere on the elections and other current issues. You’ll find comical, angry, disappointed, happy, and downright insightful blog posts so take your time and go through all of them. The slideshow will help you view the nominations easily.

The topic for next month is being decided on the forum at this very moment – have you had your say?

A huge thank you to Microsoft India for making this contest possible!

The contest

Phase I – Category Selection
The category is chosen by the bloggers on the IndiBlogger Forum. A new category is chosen every month on the forum.

Phase II – Nomination
Bloggers who have at least 5 posts on the chosen category can nominate their blogs for the contest.

Phase III – Voting
All bloggers registered with IndiBlogger can cast their vote, choosing one blog worthy of the IndiBlogger of the Month award.

More information is available here:

Good luck and keep blogging!