The PLH Theory

Posted In Thoughtworks - By NitiN Kumar Jain On Thursday, May 21st, 2009 With 0 Comments

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I am sure most you have never heard of this kind of theory, the PLH theory.

PLH is actually Peace Love and Happiness theory. I am not sure if anyone else has also talked about it before but following this can make everyone feel your presense even after you are not present physically.

Peace: Mahatma Gandhi is considered to be the father of the India. We remeber him as the front player who not only fought for our Independence but he did it with peace. Extremist groups also played a vital role in our independence and we do remeber them as well but they could not become a symbol of peace and the Nation’s Independence. Lord Mahaveer (24th Thirthankar of Jain religion) also preached about the importance of peace. Live and Let Live is what he said.

Wars can definitely win the fights easily but they cannot win the hearts.

Love: Love everyone around you. There cannot be anyone who cannot be loved. Everyone has 100 bad qualities but you can still love him/her for the 1 hidden good quality that he/she has. Spreading hatred is an easier job to do, but love plays a key role in any relationship for a longer term. It can bring smile to everyones face. And bringing smile on others face is not that easy. That is the reason why playing jokers in circus is considered to be most toughest job ever.

Happiness: Both Peace and Love can bring happiness in this cruel world.

The above terms are interrelated. Any two can lead you achieve the third one.