Intense Instinct

Posted In Thoughtworks - By NitiN Kumar Jain On Thursday, June 18th, 2009 With 0 Comments

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Wonder what I am going to write under a mysterious heading “Intense Instinct”?

Nothing about the world, nor do I want to preach on anything but it’s just that. It’s my story and may be the story of many of you.

Today morning I was challaned for jumping a red light in Vasant Kunj, New Delhi. I was going to office as usual and was late that too as usual, but believe me I have always tried to follow all traffic rules and tell others to do so too.

I was on the Nelson Mandela Marg, a fire brigade wagon was moving in front of me with its siren ON.

It crossed on Yellow light. It was allowed to do so that I knew but why did I follow it and that too when the light had turned red by then??

It is the basic instinct with which we live our life. “Doesn’t matter”, “Nothing is gonna happen”, “Who cares” and many more like these lying within us.

And I am no different.

But as soon as I jumped, there was a police man paroling was waiting on the other side of the crossing, he immediately approached me. Realizing him behind me, I stopped my car and my instinct that time was ready to pay for the mistake I had committed. I apologized and paid him 100 bucks and moved ahead thinking it was only 100 bucks that cost me for that mistake, could it be my or somebody else’s life, would I have the chance of saying even sorry. “No way” of course.

The lesson that I learnt today: Basic instinct will always prompt you to see things casually but it is our intense instinct that shows us the right path always. Intense instinct can only be earned with continual meditation and respect for all living beings.

Hope it would matter to you as well. Life is too short to be complicated.