LPG Gas Cylinder, an SMS away

Posted In India - By NitiN Kumar Jain On Saturday, August 29th, 2009 With 16 Comments

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Good news for consumers all over the India.

Now we are not required to visit our cooking gas dealer for booking a refill, or having to endlessly try the dealer’s phone which always seems to be busy. We can simply book a refill cylinder by sending an SMS from your mobile to a five-digit toll-free number. We can also register your complaints by dialling a six-digit easy-to-remember number that will be common to consumers of all LPG companies.

Note down the following deatils for booking:

Bharat Gas

52725 (Vodafone, MTNL, Idea & Tata mobiles)

57333 for other mobile users

HP Gas

9990923456 for HP Gas This is exclusive 24×7 voice recording system

Complaint and Inquiry

155233 for all 3 companies

How to Register our Mobile number??

For booking through SMS, a consumer will have to first register the cell number. This will have to be done by ringing up the five-digit toll-free number of the service provider and feeding the dealer’s telephone number and consumer number, in that order . Once this process is complete , a consumer can make a booking by simply sending an SMS to the five-digit toll-free number saying ‘LPG’ .

Your mobile number can also be registered through SMS. For this, you will need to send an SMS to *501# with the dealer’s phone number and consumer number in case of Indane, the cooking gas brand from IndianOil Corporation . For consumers of BharatGas, the SMS will have to be sent to *502#.

How to Book??

A refill can be booked by simply sending an SMS to 501 for Indane and 502 for BharatGas, saying ‘LPG’ .

The system will be a little different for consumers of Hindustan Petroleum’s HP Gas. The company will have an exclusive 10-digit number which will take a consumer to a 24X7 internet voice recording system. Refills can be booked by placing a call and recording the order by giving the consumer number and dealer name etc. In this case too, the consumer will get an SMS confirming a booking and another alert on delivery.

The mobile number will become a consumer’s unique identification for wireless booking. Whichever way a refill is booked, a consumer will receive an SMS giving confirmation of the booking, the order number, date and time. Once the refill is dispatched, another SMS will follow informing that the cylinder has been dispatched. This will help consumers to promptly find out in case the refill is diverted by an unscrupulous dealer or delivery boy.

A six-digit complaint number will also come into existence simultaneously with the SMS booking regime. The number will be common for consumers of all cooking gas brands. This will be a call centre number which will be attended by a customer relations executive for registering complaints or queries between 8am to 8pm.