Insights of Rishi

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I don’t know him personally but I worked with him for couple of months, again not professionally but socially I guess would be the right word. We worked together for Xplode 2006, an Xchanging annual event in the year 2006 and believe me it was a true learning experience for me.

I was leading the Dhoom team (one of the 4 teams in Xplode) of more than 100 people and I was literally scared to face so many people. Not more than 20 people turned up in any of the meetings though but 20 was also enough to make me fuzzzyyy.

Then this guy came and talked to me. I think he knew I was new to this job and after that meeting I felt a spark of confidence within me.

Oh yeah… Let me introduce him to you all. He is Mr Rishi or The Bond as he is popularly known as.


Rishi is a fantastic writer and lives very close to life. You can get to know more about him after reading his couple of writings. He writes at Insights of Rishi and believe me you would love the way he writes and the his power of imagination which is in itself a life and can rarely go unnoticed.

I am really impressed with his latest post Confessions Of An Innocent Killer. An art piece I must say.

Hope you would all enjoy his reading too.

Wishing him a great success in whatever he does.