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I know there is a room of humanity in everybody’s heart no matter how big or small we are. Whether we can afford it or not but we can surely help Nivedita in every way we wish to.

Nivedita,a 29 years old female, had met with a serious car accident a few years back and went into coma for 3 months. After coming out of comma, her knees could not bend at all. The doctors had inserted rods in both her thighs but those lead to a slow infection which spread through her thighs and hips. She has now developed Osteomalacia (lack of vitamin D) because of which her bones have developed osteoporosis and has also a number of secondary problems which has made her case quite complicated. Surgeries would still be required because the hip bones are severely damaged.

IBN7 also supported her and brought her and her loving husband Pankaj to the wide community to show people the true meaning of love. I was watching the show “Zindagi Live” and I literally cried. Pankaj has given a true meaning to love in today’s world. He deserves Nivedita for a very very long time.

This is an appeal to everyone for financial help for her treatment. Let’s all get together and do whatever we can do to help her out. Its not the time to think twice. Just go ahead and help her. We never think before we sit with a friend to have a glass of Beer, this is much more important than that. It can give both of them a smile that they really deserve.

To donate or get the details of Nivedita’s condition please navigate to

From the bottom of my heart, my best wishes are with Nivedita and her husband.

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