Venice, A City of Love

Posted In Reviews, World - By Anubha Jain On Sunday, April 18th, 2010 With 5 Comments

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Venice is a city of love, a city on water, a quite and beautiful city of Italy. Beautiful place for visitors from all round the earth, lots of water sports, gondola rides, astonishing views, and plenty of islands, masque parties and walking there feels like walking besides river flowing by heaven side, the highest degree of happiness.

It’s a city more or less running on tourist income. Main city is entirely made on water, connected to other nearby cities by road. Waterways connect the whole city with amazing water transport system. Plenty of designers are found here finding here peace for their creativity. There are lots of hotels and restaurants decorated with multi-color flowers and candle lights at evening.

Water ways also connect Venice to its famous islands like Morano, Borano, Torceleno. Moreno is a small island where famous churches and beautiful houses exist . A small place with almost all building having a shop or a restaurant at their ground floor. Borano is a glass island, not made with glass but glass is made here. Whole island has plenty of glass factories where astonishing glass art is restored. People here make lots of designs and crystal looking articles with their simple glass factories but trained and experienced artist. Torcelano is a teenage hub. There are Oprah house, school, boat rides, club for drama and performances here.

A unique and must to visit island in itself.