Feed Apps: Promote or Not To Promote

Posted In Thoughtworks - By NitiN Kumar Jain On Sunday, August 22nd, 2010 With 0 Comments

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I notice a facebook app in some of my friends feed in Facebook namely RSS Graffiti. I initially ignored it but later thought let’s give it a try at least once. I installed it and added it to my page from the app page.

The app did not impress me at all. I did not like the format in which it posted the article on my page and moreover I would never want an app control my profile or page.

This app publishes multiple RSS/ATOM feeds on the walls of our Facebook Profile, Facebook Fan Pages & Facebook Groups. But do we really need it? Are we so busy writing 100s of articles daily that we forget sharing quality contents, that is why we take help from these apps?

There are hell lot of apps in the market that reads feeds and posts them to multiple locations and RSS Graffiti is one of them.

Most of us from blogging community are subscribed to most of them. So what happens is, we post one article and the feed is read by 10 applications and posted on our profile in 10 different ways.

Does it help? I don’t think so. It may reduce the credibility of the blog and the blogger. One blogger that I really cherish in India is Amit Aggarwal from labnol who believes in spending time creating quality content and not promoting an average or below average content 50 times a day to just get visitors. In longer run he is absolutely on right path.

Question is yours and answer is also yours.

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