Facebook: A Billion & Counting

Posted In Facebook - By NitiN Kumar Jain On Saturday, October 6th, 2012 With 0 Comments

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Facebook, started in 2004, has reached a milestone of 1 Billion active users, more than half of which access Facebook from their smart phones.

A good deal for Facebook team and for the world too. Facebook has changed the way people interact with each other. It started with letters by post, then to telephones, to pagers and even too mobiles but now it’s Facebook using which people talk to their family, friends, colleagues when living apart. We share things that we do in our daily lives with each other. We share our feelings, pics and videos.

The best part is nobody is alone if he is on Facebook. We watch cricket, football together even when we are literally watching it alone. The feeling is awesome. Facebook has really changed the way people connect to each other.

Here’s the message from Facebook’s founder and owner, Mark Zuckerberg:

Celebrating a billion people is very special to me. It’s a moment to honor the people we serve. For the first time in our history, we’ve made a brand video to express what our place is on this earth.

We believe that the need to open up and connect is what makes us human. It’s what brings us together. It’s what brings meaning to our lives.

Facebook isn’t the first thing people have made to help us connect. We belong to a rich tradition of people making things that bring us together.

Today, we honor this tradition.

We honor the humanity of the people we serve. We honor the everyday things people have always made to bring us together: Chairs, doorbells, airplanes, bridges, games. These are all things that connect us. And now Facebook is a part of this tradition of things that connect us too.

I hope you enjoy this video as much as we do.

Thanks for helping connect a billion people.

And here’s the video by Facebook on reaching 1 Billion users: