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Sometime back I used to wonder why people lie. Is it because, it makes them happy? They simply love doing it again n again. Their basic instinct is like that. Or is it because it makes others happy to whom they are lying? Or is it because it is technically incorrect to follow the path of honesty and truth as it might be lengthy, tricky and problematic? Don’t know what actually the answer is but it should be amongst the above.

Some people have grown up listening to lies all around their home/school/locality. For e.g. “Dad is at home but mom on the phone tells some uncle that dad is not at home”. So endlessly listening to these little little things, it has become a part of their trait. So they don’t know why they do it but they just do it. These people lie so casually that they don’t even think about its consequences. I call it a “CASUAL LIE”.

Some people lie not because they want to but because they have to. They lie because they want to meet the expectations of the people they are lying to. They know that telling them truth might hamper their relationship and it might do some serious damage to them. So they plan to lie in such a way that their dear ones remain unaffected with the bitter truth. I call it a “PERSONAL LIE” as there is no motive as such behind it but it is said for a noble cause.

Some people fool around the world with their tactical mind plays. They do it for their monetary benefits. They plan, schedule and execute it with perfection. But consequences to these types of lies are very hazardous not only to him but to the whole society. These lies make success appears very close but short-lived too. I call it a “PROFESSIONAL LIE”.

A lie is after all a lie. And even if it is said for a good cause, it is always short-lived. Truth has always conquered and will always do.

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