‘Jaane tu … Jaane tu ya jaane na …’ Review

Posted In Cinema, Reviews - By NitiN Kumar Jain On Thursday, July 17th, 2008 With 0 Comments

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After a very long time, a genuine love story for everyone, Jaane tu ya jaane na.

Yesterday, I went to see it with my beloved wife at Waves, Noida. We got tickets easily as it was a week day and even the hall was 3/4th empty. One of the reasons could be that it was a weekday afternoon show which is not a preferred time in hot summer climate in Delhi. Anyways, we reached just about in time, but we missed it for couple of minutes. We were struggling to understand what is happening in the beginning of the movie but got in sync very soon.

The most catching part of the movie is its presentation or picturisation. A very usual story, but having been presented differently makes it altogether a unique movie in Hindi Cinema. It reminded me of the movie Dil Chahta Hai which again stood matchless in its time. Looking at these movies proves that presentation does matter and you can impress the audience with a simple story just by narrating it differently.

It has personally impressed me. It has everything in it: Friendship, Love, relationships, drama, comedy, idealism, traditions, and modernism. You would not afford to loose a single scene from it.

The movie actually depicts life of two friends in college who are very close yet never realize that they can be in love with each other. They spend most of their time with each other and mood of one affects the mood of other. They adore each other, fight with other. Their day ends with talking over the phone. But they never realize the importance of their closeness unless they go away from each other. It very well fits to the quote that “You realize the importance of someone when he or she is not around“. Both leading actors Imran khan & Genelia justified their presence on the screen. Actually I must say I could see Aamir’s reflection in Imran. He looks like a cute little boy next door. Small but pretty performances of Nasserudin Shah, his real wife, Paresh Rawal and all his friends have really left a mark.

Over all I must say it is must watch movie.

Go watch it. You won’t find a better movie in recent time.

My rating to the movie – 9.5/10