‘Rock On’ Review

Posted In Cinema, Reviews - By NitiN Kumar Jain On Sunday, September 7th, 2008 With 0 Comments

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A very nicely presented movie but I doubt if it would impress the majority of Indian public.

It is a story of 4 teenagers who dream to do something extraordinary but circumstances are never in their favor and they land up somewhere else and only after 10 years they realize that they should achieve what they had dreamt 10 years before.

Farhan Akhtar is playing the lead role in the movie; along with him are Arjun Rampal and other two. The four have a dream to form a rock band named ‘Magic’ which they want to be the best in the country. The first song of the movie from which the movie begins is the paramount song of the movie. They practice day and night. They are the best pals and appreciate the importance of each other. To be able to buy expensive equipments they even perform old Hindi songs in their style which was good too. Then there come a channel V rock band competition and they participate in it and win it in style. They were awarded with a one album recording contract. They are excited about being famous and popular, and at the same time they start loosing patience and trust on each other.

Differences start cropping up and they finally split. The Magic band members are no longer together. Everybody is busy in his life but no one is happy. They are doing which they do not like to do. Farhan is not a happy man any longer. His wife, Prachi senses this day n night and later is the story how she initiates to reunite the shattered Magic band and in the end everything is perfect. They get united again and they perform on the stage too.

The story gets a bit slow in between, people felt bored watching some of the scenes. If you have not heard Farhan before then you would love to hear him as he has got a very unique voice and he has definitely justified himself in the movie. Arjun seems average whereas Prachi has done a splendid role along with her friend and the other two rockers, the drummer and the guy on the board.

It has a message too.

Do whatever you want to do and makes you happy. You should have a career wherein you fit and you enjoy, comprising in it will not only ruin your goals of life but may also impact people around you.”

Over all a nice movie to be watched with your friends.

My rating to the movie – 8/10