‘A Wednesday’ review

Posted In Cinema, Reviews - By NitiN Kumar Jain On Monday, October 27th, 2008 With 0 Comments

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I must say it, it is a must watch movie for all Indians. If you are Aam Aadmi, then you should see it to understand your actual caliber.

This critically acclaimed movie depicts the condition of a stupid common man in India and how he transforms himself to become a vigilant citizen of India.

As a common man, we are only known for electing our leaders and then cribbing the system all throughout our life. They don’t do this, they don’t do that. They should do it like this. It is not in our interest. This government would fall. Sensex is going down. Economy is melting. This government is not putting measures for us to survive. Terrorism has increased under this govt. Innocent people are dying. This govt. is not capable of handling terrorism. We in next term chose another party to rule us and our criticism goes to them this time.

What is common we common men are doing. We are only blaming the system not to work but we ourselves forget that it is we who have made this system and are integral part of it. What can we do, we are just stupid common men, is what you all must be thinking. Your answer is “A Wednesday”.

It is a highly inspiring movie which is not merely a 3 hour story but it leaves an impact on every individual who comes out after watching it.

Both Naseeruddin Shah and Anupam Kher, the lead actors have done brilliant acts and justified their immortal talent.

This movie actually starts when a man, who is later identified as a stupid common man, portrayed by Naseeruddin Shah plants some bombs in the city and sitting on the roof of a deserted building calls up the commissioner of police, Mumbai and asks him to release 4 terrorists from the jail or else he would blow the bombs taking thousands of life. He seems to be heading some terrorist group as well. Anupam Kher plays the police commissioner.

The story, as it name states, starts at around 12 in noon on a Wednesday and ends at around 5 in the evening, the same day.

That stupid common man is a techy guy and knows what it needs to get his work done and remain unidentified. He has many forged SIM cards; he uses them to call the police and a reporter and then throws it. Why reporter? Because he actually wants to be aware of things happening live on TV, which is obviously any sharp terrorist would do.

Story moves on very intensely, several talks happen between him and Commissioner but in vain. Police fearing the lives of people agree to release those terrorists.

Naseer tells them how and where they should be taken and released. 2 cops accompany them and as per his demand leave them near a bench lying at an air base. 1 cop is intelligent and keeps one of the terrorist with him in case Naseer does not tell them the bomb planted places.

Now comes the incident which instantly changes the perception about the real hero of the movie. A cell rings and one of terrorists picks up the phone lying below the bench and suddenly a blast blows all of them away. Naseer calls up Anupam to know the situation and he asks for the last terrorist to be killed too to save innocent people. He gives his identity as a “stupid common man”, who has lost his patience on terrorists continuosly killing innocent people and policy, govt. not doing anything. He is the man who is in each one of us but we scare to dare. We keep cribbing the system but we always forget that we make the system. This is really the turning point for us, the stupid common men.

Now you know why I am above referring ourselves as stupid common men. This move really touched my heart and doesn’t matter if it does financially good or not.

My rating to the movie – 10/10