‘Hari Puttar’ Review

Posted In Cinema, Reviews - By NitiN Kumar Jain On Wednesday, October 8th, 2008 With 0 Comments

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A ditto copy of Hollywood feature “Home Alone” served in Indian flavor.

People who have not watched the original version will definitely like it. It is basically a movie for the kids and they will love it.

It is basically a story of a child left alone in the house by mistake wherein all his family members have left for a picnic outside the city for some days. There is a child who is fed up of his elder brother and rules n regulations for being a child and always wishes to live life in his own way, which one days comes true when his family forgets him alone at home.

The child when realizes becomes extremely happy and tries to enjoy every bit of it. But no latter when he hears that some robbers are trying to rob a computer chip with important information from his house, his impish mind becomes active.

Rest of the movie displays the tug of war between him and robbers. How he manages to save his house with some beautiful tricks is what basically the movie is all about.

The name of the boy is Hari Puttar and initially it seemed to be a Hary Potter copy pretending from the name but it was not but it was definitely a copy.

All characters did a great job specially the kid.

Overall a nice movie for children.

My rating to the movie – 6.5.