Mercedes-Benz, The Brand

Posted In Reviews, World - By NitiN Kumar Jain On Monday, December 14th, 2009 With 6 Comments

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Driving Mercedes-Benz is an honor.

Mercedes-benz has always been my dream car but I never got a chance to drive it really until recently when I drove one of my friends mercedes benz for a very short duration. I felt like a King.

Having driven a small segment car for almost 8 years, I have always cherished cars which have brands associated with them and mercedes benz is one of them and is at the top of my list (I am sure many of you too feel like that).

Mercedes-Benz, who is the German manufacturer of luxury automobiles, has the reputation of maintaining the quality and durability since its inception. They have always set standards in the industry for other automobile makers to follow. The foundation of Luxury automobiles was laid by them and even after more than 100 years of their existence, they rule the Luxury car world.


Much like the logo above, Mercedes-Benz has not changed over the years, and is still known to be a company that honors tradition, innovation, and the future of automobile manufacturing.

They categorize their models as classes which are brands in themselves:

‘A’ class which is a mini model, ‘B’ being the small luxury car model. Then its ‘C’ and ‘E’ classes and the most luxury cars belong to ‘S’ class which are obviously the most expensive ones. They also produce sports car.


My dream car is still out of reach of my pocket but it will always remain closest to my heart.