2 Way Free SMS Text Message Service

Posted In Reviews, Tools - By Ankit Jain On Sunday, January 10th, 2010 With 8 Comments

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Earlier we wrote about free text messages anywhere in world for free.

We have now come across a better Text4FreeOnline Free SMS Text Message 2Way service using which we can not only send messages anywhere in the world but also receive messages from anyone across the globe

We all have family, friends and are sometimes unable to send messages to all because of reasons like costly SMSs via mobile, difficult to type lengthy messages on mobile keypad, network congestion on all special occasions, Text4FreeOnline free SMS text message is the answer to that. Other available free services do not provide 2 way messaging, moreover they are not reliable as sometimes the message is sent and many a times it is lost on its way. But after trying Text4FreeOnline service, I think it is the service we can rely on.

They provide a platform which not only sends SMSs but we can use it to send MMSs to all our nears and dears and for absolutely no charge.

It is really cool.