I M Possible

Posted In Reviews, Thoughtworks - By Ankit Jain On Wednesday, January 6th, 2010 With 0 Comments

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Impossible for some but I M POSSIBLE for me, it’s not about how life looks at you but how you look at life, it’s not about how a crisis stares at you but how you recuperate to it and the more you take it as challenge more realizable/solvable it becomes. Motivation as is said by Swami Vivekananda never comes from outside, it’s the force which comes from inside and gives us the feeling of  YES I CAN“.

Feeling of being motivated is surely the outcome of our past experiences and results thus to keep the motivation high for the next time it is very important to set up a goal but following the path to make it achievable is of extreme importance, likewise if you start something get into the habit of finishing it, because half done project is of no use for anybody.

Build, build and just build your knowledge on the subject as knowledge is power, and  having a good knowledge of the subject not only gives more confidence but a power to accomplish the task within the set constraints, this can be done only by not getting into the habit of procrastination and developing the habit of self dependency.

Many a times we get to hear from our elders don’t take risk, but taking a well calculated risk is the finest element to get high level of motivation, no matter what the result is, because no one has ever reached the zenith without passing through the pits of failure.

Now the task for you is to just identify what motivates you, then see the difference.