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Posted In Reviews, Thoughtworks - By Anubha Jain On Monday, May 10th, 2010 With 0 Comments

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There are so many problems we face in our daily life, hardly there are people without one or more problems, but the intensity varies. And also the capability of mind to cope with it. Stress has become the major element of life leading to domestic violence, depression etc due to financial crisis, loneliness, failure, discrimination etc. and we can cope with it only if we ourselves move our energy in recovery than own destruction. We hide ourselves in closed doors and do more harm to ourselves in the bad times. Dark Q gay blog talks about 5 ways to kill these harmful symptoms before they start killing us, we ourselves can destroy us or help us get back to pleasant life.

First way author marks is to be confident of ourselves and how we can tackle different problems that comes our way, to beat depression he tells us to be confident of own self, to beat phobia, see through both your and yours partner eyes, have an adoption if no child, speak loud your problem like discuss with a friend, don’t hide truth: it punishes you within ourselves, for daily problems there should be some time to do what you enjoy like shopping, massage, make up, to release stress, pursue your ambition, make a trip with someone you love and feel happy with.

But sometimes the problem is not just in mind, like discrimination u feel due to so many reasons, having no job,  you are a gay etc and author explains this beautifully.

Then author explains about long life, getting a pet, eating healthy food, quite drinking, be an optimistic, make more friends, go out and have fun every weekend, help others and have children.

It is definitely a very learning blog. Must go through it at least once.