Cover Yourself With Aussie

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Are you also looking for home loans, personal and car loans, insurance cover for yourself or your vehicle, credit cards and mortgage brokers to help you negotiate best deal on your behalf then Aussie is the right umbrella who is the leading non-bank retail financial services group in Australia.

Not only they offer all kinds of Insurances ranging from home insurance, landlord’s insurance, life insurance, car insurance, funeral cover but you would also love to use their mortgage broking services to get best mortgage deals from the banks.

Their life insurance under the name aussie life plan is an easy to understand life insurance and is affordable too. You don’t have to undergo any medical or blood tests nor you are required to fill out any forms. You can also add range of cover options like accidental death, children’s insurance etc to you life policy.

Aussie accident cover provides financial security to you and your family in case of any serious accident. You can cover your partner too in the same policy and you will not be asked any heath related questions.

For all their insurances you are covered 24X7 and that too worldwide. And you get 30 days money back guarantee too in case you are not satisfied although there are no chances of dissatisfaction.

So don’t wait and go ahead to choose right plan for you.