‘Kismat Konnection’ Review

Posted In Cinema, Reviews - By NitiN Kumar Jain On Tuesday, July 22nd, 2008 With 2 Comments

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Kismat Konnection (KK): yes the connection of the producers with the alphabet K 🙂 …. Jokes apart, a nice movie to watch with your loved one.

Everyone keep their lucky charms with them all the time. But what if you get to know that your lucky charm is a human being it is not possible to take him/her with you everywhere you go. Yes, that’s quite possible and this is where story of the KK lies in.

There is a guy, Shahid Kapoor, in United States who is an Architect by profession and has been the University topper throughout of his graduation years and even after 4 years of completion he does not actually have work. And every time he seems to be getting nearer to employment, something or the other happens and he remains unemployed. After loosing couple of offers on the verge he seems to be loosing his patience too but all of a sudden someone comes in his life and things getting better for him. The story kicks start after he realizes that his lucky charm is a lady, Vidya Balan and to his surprise she is raising voice against the shopping mall project which is to be built where a community hall for the old aged people is, and Shahid is trying hard to get that shopping mall project.

Now how Shahid copes up with the situation, how he manages to lie Vidya to take her along himself whenever he goes for the same deal that Vidya opposes is the next half of the story. The story looks somewhat similar to second half of the movie Lage Raho Munna Bhai.

In the end it is obviously Shahid who manages to win the heart of Vidya by displaying the human courage and presenting the design wherein both the mall and community center are incorporated together having aware of the fact that it is quite impossible to impress the money oriented businessman with his this idea. But Vidya, his lucky charm being standing beside him, he could only succeed and he actually accomplished it.

The movie depicts a very close relationship of human beings with their lucky charms and how the life takes ‘U’ turn when your Kismat is Konnected to your lucky one.

My rating to the movie – 6.5/10