GM Modi Hospital Review

Posted In Health, Reviews - By NitiN Kumar Jain On Thursday, October 9th, 2008 With 2 Comments

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Gujar Mal Modi Hospital, Saket, New Delhi, popularly known as Modi Hospital is one of the few private hospitals which are in existence for quite a while now, for almost 20 years. Being an old private hospital, it is very different from other private hospitals that have been coming up from some years now.

The facilities here are okay but unless the staff is professional you cannot say it is a good hospital. Any institute cannot be only judged by its facilities. Customers do not talk to non living things of course.

My Mom had an operation there recently and I have had a mixed experience being there.

All facilities you can say are just like any other private hospital but I expected its staff to be more professional and courteous towards patients unlike any Govt Hospital where staff treats patients and their attendants in inhuman way.

The staff including junior resident doctors, nurses and support staff behaved like they were treating us for free. I can understand that their profession is that they have to be a little strict but they ought to be polite at the same time.

I will tell you some instances, after that you yourself decide if that was obvious from their part.

My mother was complaining for pain after operation, my dad asked the doctor on visit about it and he shouted back like anything as if he is the God and how can anyone question GOD. Can you ask GOD why you are short in height or why your face is round? Seems very funny isn’t it? Was to know something a crime? He absolutely thought that.

Nurses too were not that polite the way they should be.  I believe they all should be taught people management as well. Merely studying medicine is not the only thing that can help them in their profession. People going to hospitals are themselves in pain and being polite to them just gives them mental satisfaction that yes, their life is in safe hands.

Administration staff was again pathetic. My dad is a CGHS beneficiary so we have predefined package rates for every treatment. But being private they try to earn in every possible way. The bill that they gave us was of the double the amount of the defined Govt package rate. And you know, we were prepared for it. We showed them the Govt of India circular and then got everything settled as per it. We were also supposed to get 5% discount on the cash payments, but why would the authorities tell it themselves. The credit card machine was also not working. Everybody sitting at the reception was looking like Sarkari Babu who didn’t even bother to ask what the problem was.

The only point that I am trying to make here is that if you are aware of the prescribed process then only you can get your right else they will not leave anything to loot you.

CGHS beneficiaries please visit to download the rate list and rules and regulations for the CGHS recognized hospital. You must know what your rights are to get them.

Jaago Grahak Jaago. This is India.

Update: 22nd Aug 2010

And the same thing happened yet again. 2 years have passed by and nothing has changed. I feel so bad about it.

Their website is still under development. Years may have changed but nothing else.