Facebook’s “Revolving Images” Spam

Posted In Facebook - By NitiN Kumar Jain On Thursday, November 25th, 2010 With 1 Comment

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This is definitely not less than a spam.

Recently, got a message on my wall saying “Checkout 360 rotate effect on images. MUST SEE” and asking me to click on a link “http://revolvingimages.info/fb“.

Out of curiosity, and knowing the fact that I received it from one of my good friends, I navigated to the link and landed on a page asking me to copy a javascript and paste it in the address bar with any Facebook page being opened.

Thinking what would a javascript do, I copied the javascript and did whatever was being mentioned.

To my surprise nothing happened. I did not see any kind of revolving animation of images, so I ignored it.

But, after a while when I checked my FB profile again, I noticed that same link has been posted on my friend’s wall from my profile. I was amused.

This is a kind of spam (which does not seem to harm as such but it is definitely doing things that are not intended from it) so, friends do not click the link and just ignore if you receive it on your wall.