Facebook Emails: First Look

Posted In Facebook, Featured - By NitiN Kumar Jain On Saturday, December 11th, 2010 With 2 Comments

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I recently got my Facebook email account activated.

Logically, it looks nice to have all our chats, messages, emails at once place along with the social updates from our circle but practically speaking I didn’t like the concept of having everything at one place. It definitely increases the chances of frequent spams in your inbox, even though Facebook says that we won’t even get to see spams as they are filtered well before they reach our inbox.

So, nevertheless, I got my Facebook email activated after requesting for Facebook email account a month ago.

So the question is how would you get to know when your account gets activated?

And the answer is as soon as you login to you Facebook account, you will see a prompt asking you to upgrade to New Messages. (After all, Facebook is trying to rebuild their messaging technology to include our chats, messages and mails). If you get this prompt that means your email is active.

Clicking on “See What’s New” will take you to another page to upgrade your messages.

The benefits of upgrading as explained is all types of conversation are in one stream, social inbox will filter messages down to the people you care about the most and conversations can be kept forever.

You are given the option to upgrade your messaging system. You can ignore it too. But when you select to upgrade it, you are given an email-id same as your Facebook user name. So, if your FB profile address is www.facebook.com/abcd then your email id will be abcd@facebook.com

I selected to upgrade it and was given and Email id on @Facebook domain. Now when I go to the Messages folder, all my facebook conversations, messages and emails are shown together on the same page. Worst thing is, I cannot differentiate between them. May be that’s the reason Facebook call these “Messages”.

I can then select to create a new message and either send it to any of my friends in FB friends list or any other email address (outside Facebook domain too)

Here I can attach files and images.

Opening an individual message opens the trail mail / message / conversation with few actions available along with  an instant reply box.

So, that’s the first glance of Facebook Email or new messages system that did not attract me much, frankly speaking.

I noticed one more thing.

Although the email is created on the @facebook domain, when I tried to send an email to my emailid@facebook.com, I received an auto-reply from Facebook saying that @Facebook domain will no longer be used and instead suggested to use @fb.com domain. I sent an email to my emailid@fb.com and I successfully received it and replied it too.

Following is the auto-reply mail that I received:

Dear Sender:

Facebook has changed its corporate email address domain from @facebook.com to @fb.com.

Your message has been delivered to the intended recipient, but please update your contact details with <address>@fb.com for future correspondence. You will not receive this message again if you utilize <address>@fb.com. We will not be forwarding any email sent to @facebook.com corporate email addresses past January 5th, 2011.



Proof 🙂

Don’t really know how was that possible as later came to know that @fb.com is reserved for the Facebook employees.

Wonder Wonder!!

Anyways, have you got Facebook email invitation too?? If yes, did you like it? If not yet, do you think it would be worth using by looking at the above screens?