Facebook Not Showing Feed of All Your Friends

Posted In Facebook - By NitiN Kumar Jain On Tuesday, February 22nd, 2011 With 6 Comments

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Some of you might have lately noticed that Facebook has suddenly stopped showing feeds of your friends.

The main culprit is Facebook only. Recently updated Facebook has started showing updates from people we have recently interacted with i.e. Facebook has been made intelligent enough to only show news feed of people with whom we have been interacting.

I personally consider it good that I am not getting updates from everyone in my friend list but it is not worth sometimes when I need to know what everyone in my friend list is up to. So both feelings exist.

Facebook has also provided a facility to turn off this feature which is selected by default i.e. whenever you want to see updates from all, change this setting.

To change it you need to select the down arrow against “Most Recent” and select “Edit Options”

Just select the option that you wish to have for your feed.

  • Friends and Pages you interact with most
  • All of your friends and pages

Note: This option is only for the online version of Facebook. Facebook app for iphone and other phones still display updates from all.